Safety & Security Window Films

It's dangerous world out there

Storms. earthquakes, explosions, vandalism... both natural and man-made disasters are on the rise worldwide and the consequences to people and property can range from unsightly to costly or even deadly

Help protect all your precious resources, human as well as financial with MAYA security window films. Made clear, heavy-duty polyester combined layers. MAYA safety films provide a thin, transparent protective barrier against these threats and help to guard against:

  • Bomb blast and server weather: help reduce damage and likelihood of injury from flying glass
  • Forced entry: Make it harder for thieves to smash and grab retail display merchandise

Architects, building owners and facility managers trust MAYA to secure treasured buildings and artifacts as the UN organizations, ICRC and lots of the embassies and other official government facilities

[While you can't always predict disasters, you can prepare for them with MAYA safety & Security Window Films.]