About Us

MAYA Trading and Contracting Company was established in 2001. After a quite long time of hard working, it became the exclusive REFLECTIV agent in Syria in 2006. REFLECTIV is known as the biggest European manufacturer of window film products.

This product may look like a simple piece of adhesive to non-experts. However, it's complicated to manufacture such kind of window films that contains so many thin layers of polyester and complex materials (adhesives, Solvents, Metals…).

Installing more than 100,000 square meters of window films around Syria wasn't an easy job to do! We relied on high professional techniques, highly trained technical team and abide by international standards. That's why Maya's workshop is the number one in Syria.

Features of MAYA's window Film:

Security and Safety:
Windows provide an amazing, clear and luxury view that satisfy all customers; however, many glass breakages are not predictable, and may occur as a result of sudden earthquakes or acts of war. In these cases, window films hold shattered glass in place reducing the likelihood of personal injury, protecting property, deterring intruders and reducing the effects of the explosion. When professionally installed, this film forms an invisible protective coating over the glass. 

Solar Control:
Solar films filter out the worst of the sun's heat and glare while letting the light in, this keeps your building cooler and more comfortable and helps to decrease the AC cost. Since the protection degrees may reach 85% of sun heat and reduce it's bad effects on furniture and people. Moreover, it can prevent 99% of UV to protect the furniture, show rooms and stores windows.

Decorative View:
These Films give the glass area a new world of beauty and safety in multiple colors and different shapes to meet your upscale taste.

* All products are classified according to the European classification Euroclasse.
* Safety & Security films meet EU Tests EN12600 and NFP78406 and the British Test BS62026
* Services provided by us are characterized by professionalism and high quality through a unique set of integrated solutions that meet customer needs.