Safety & Security films

Safety and Security Films

Safety and security films are heavy-duty polyester window films bonded by especially aggressive adhesives. When applied to the interior of new or existing glass, they provide a clear but powerful barrier of protection that helps to hold glass in place when it shatters due to lethal winds, earthquake tremors, terrorist attacks or accidental breakage, dramatically reducing damage or likelihood of injury from flying glass, keeping people and premises safer and more secure. Various levels of film protection are available to address various hazard levels.

Recommended Application:

Much of the destruction resulting from broken glass can be controlled--even prevented—in corporate and retail buildings restaurants, hotels, and homes, with safety and security window films. Safety & Security films are recommended for virtually any high-traffic area with window or other surfaces that are vulnerable, to "smash-and-grab" thieves, earthquakes, windstorms, terrorist acts, vandalism, accidents, and spontaneous glass failure in tempered glazing systems.


Safety & Security films:

•    Hold shattered glass in place to protect people and property from flying shards.
•    Have brilliant optical clarity without distortion, yellowing or a cloudy overcast.
•    Offer the highest durability in the industry and feature a patented scratch-resistant coating.
•    Solar version contains high performance metals that enhance heat rejection properties, increase comfort, and upgrade energy efficiency by reducing incoming solar energy up to 79 percent.
•    Meet or exceed international testing standards.
•    Make upgrading existing glazing to meet safety regulations quick and cost-effective.
•    Can be installed by experienced professionals with minimal disruption to building tenants.
•    Impact Test : EN12600
•    Fire resistance Test : M1


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